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Your future royalties unlock opportunities now

Engage closer with your fanbase, list a portion of your catalogue and receive debt-free funding for your new projects. Remain 100% in control over your management and artistic freedom.

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The benefits


Financial freedom

Leverage your future royalty streams and get immediate access to funds otherwise earned over multiple years, to finance professional or private projects.


Creative control

Your music, your rights! Stay in charge over the creative and management of your back catalogue and future productions. Our community is a passive partner.


Captivate fanbase

Engage even closer with your network and give back to your fanbase,  allowing  them to take a share in your success.


Beat the market

With our liquid, transparent and integrated marketplace for music royalties we are here to unlock new financing opportunities, helping music creators to avoid some pitfalls the music industry faces.

Deferred payouts

The time lag between performance and revenue collection can be very long, limiting reinvestment opportunities for you as an artist, publisher or record label.

Continuous investments

The music industry is capital intensive and funding options are scarce within traditional financial markets.

Mispriced transactions

Industry deals are often negotiated privately, resulting in opaque and often non-optimal transactions. Sometimes leading to artists losing creative control over their works.

ANote Music
The Integrated Solution

We embrace innovation and empowerment, not disruption. No job loss for the music industry, no players threatened. Our platform provides mutual advantage for the financial market and music creators