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Embrace a new trading experience

Investing in music has never been so easy. Our platform combines a friendly look, an innovative and dynamic interface to provide you with an intuitive experience.

Press play on passive income.

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Only established catalogues

Don’t gamble on the potential success of a single song, base your decisions on comprehensive displayed historical and financial data from catalogues that have been already vetted for you.

Track Record

Catalogues on the platform have a minimum of 3 years of royalty history. Easy-to-understand tools allow you to evaluate past revenue generation.

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Cash Flows

All catalogues have generated at least €10,000 yearly from royalties. Legally-binding contracts are in place to ensure investors receive the royalty inflows.


Passive Role

The ANote Music due diligence process makes sure that listed catalogues are already well managed. Investors are passive partners, no active management activities are needed.


What does it look like?

A unique journey for everyone

Clear data

Structured overviews provide all the necessary data and information allowing you to make clear analyses and be confident before placing any bids or trades.

Secure & transparent

Supported by Algorand’s blockchain technology, our platform makes sure all your account information gets securely stored and you always have proof of what you own.

Investor-centric tool

We’ve innovated our design and tools to help you analyse and monitor your catalogues. Switch display options to best fit your personal needs and create your own unique experience.


Track your royalty payouts from anywhere and take your portfolio on tour with you. Our app gives you instant access to all platform features from anywhere you are. Download now.

In blockchain we trust

Our platform has been developed giving priority to the utmost security of your data and operates leveraging on the Algorand blockchain technology.

Exchange catalogues securely

Financial transactions require trust between parties. Blockchain fosters this trust, without the need for onerous two-way audits.

Tracking the ownership-chain

Every request for (trans)action on ANote Music gets signed and registered in the blockchain, executing the request and allowing you to trace it straight away.

Audited experienced financial partner

All financial transactions on the platform are handled by our audited and qualified financial partner. Users’ eWallets and funds are segregated at our regulated external entities, guaranteeing an extra layer of security and safety for all investors. All transactions carried out on the ANote Music platform must comply with our partner’s Terms and Conditions.


ANote Music is a marketplace for buying and selling royalty interests and/or intellectual property rights and, as such, it does not constitute activities of the financial sector in Luxembourg and therefore ANote Music is not subject to the Luxembourg financial sector regulator (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier - CSSF).  Royalty interests are the contractual right to perceive future music royalty income that is generated by various types of intellectual property rights/copyrights. Neither music royalties nor royalty interests constitute “financial instruments” within the meaning of the MiFID (the Directive 2014/65/EU of 15 May 2014 on markets in financial instruments) and the LFS (the Law of financial services of 5 April 1993, as amended) which is implementing the MiFID in Luxembourg.

None of the price quotations, information, news and research accessible on the website and the marketplace or shared through any other communication channels by ANote Music or its Affiliates constitute advice, recommendations or solicitation to any person in any jurisdiction to buy, sell or invest in any asset, royalty interests, intellectual property rights. Any decision made by a person to participate in ANote Music marketplace’s activities should be made on the basis that such an activity complies with any applicable local laws and regulations to which the user is subject to. The user should not access the ANote Music marketplace if such an activity does not comply with any applicable local laws and regulations to which the user is subject to. 

Keep in mind that purchasing royalty interests and/or intellectual property rights involves risk and you may lose the invested capital. The value of your royalty interests or intellectual property rights will fluctuate over time and you may gain or lose money. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns, nor is it necessarily indicative of future performance. This disclaimer cannot disclose all of the risks and other significant aspects of dealing with royalty interests and intellectual property rights. You should satisfy yourself that you fully understand the conditions which apply to such assets, our services and the potential risk exposures. The images and pictures on the website and on ANote Music marketplace are merely illustrative and may contain data that are no longer updated or valid. Please always refer to the current pricing and valuation of royalty interests or intellectual property rights, as the case may be, in the relevant section on ANote Music marketplace.

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