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The main stage for music investments

Join the fastest growing music investment platform, allowing investors and music fans to earn royalties together with their favourite record labels, publishers and artists.

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Diversify and earn royalty payouts from music

Invest like a music industry expert and diversify your portfolio with music royalties. Receive dividend-like payouts from the best sounding alternative asset, uncorrelated to traditional financial markets.

Get in on the a(u)ction

Join live auctions and be the first to acquire shares in famous music catalogues. Grow your worth and get ready to receive royalties.

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Music royalties = Payouts

Invest in music and get paid each time royalty payouts are being distributed. Music royalties are the hot and new alternative asset class.

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Music creators share part of their revenue with you

Share in the success of your favourite artists and earn royalties every time you listen to their music. If you think buying merchandise was cool, wait until you own a portion of a music catalogue.

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Make trades fast and easy

Spot the right opportunities in the market and buy or sell directly from/to other investors. Trade your shares just like stocks.

Receive royalties

Manage your portfolio

Analyse your progress and see easily how much you’ve already earned. Always have a full view of your investments, even when you’re on the road.

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Share future royalty streams with fans & investors. Stay 100% in control

Engage closer with your fanbase, list a portion of your catalogue's future cash flows and get access to new funding opportunities. Allow your network and fans to share in the success of your music. Raise capital while remaining in control over management and artistic choices.


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Investors turn a profit in 6 months

How we help

ANote Music built the bridge between music creators and financial markets.

Our user-friendly platform creates a WIN-WIN situation for both, enabling everyone to invest and trade music, while providing a new funding method for the music industry.


Music Creators

Bring your music assets into the spotlight and engage with your fanbase in a completely new way. List a portion of your catalogue and get immediate access to funding. You set the rules, our flexible services adapt to your needs.

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Invest in your favourite music and artist, diversify your portfolio with an asset uncorrelated to traditional financial markets and generate constant royalty cash flows. On average our investor community has seen a 7.9% ROI yearly.

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