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No need for deep pockets, just for a smartphone

Monitor, invest or trade music on the go. With the ANote Music app, you will have instant access to all the tools necessary, even when you go on tour.

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Never miss an auction or trade. Monitor your assets, anywhere you want

Have access to live-auctions and the trade market deals, wherever you are. Follow your catalogues and have your portfolio always at the ease of your fingertips.

A complete marketplace with user-centric tools, to take with you on the road

When the world outside calls, you shouldn't remain stuck behind your computer. Experience the full ANote Music platform with easy-to-use tools from the comfort of your phone. Do everything you would do from our desktop platform, straight from the app on your mobile device.


Grab your phone, start owning music and earn royalties

Browse our selection of music catalogues, have clear analyses of their financials, join live-auctions or trade with other investors and receive your first royalty payouts within a maximum of 6 months following your investment.

Browse music

Shuffle between catalogues of songs.

Easily buy and sell

Navigate flawlessly between different markets. Acquire shares during live-auctions or exchange them with other investors.

Stay in tune with the latest news

Make sure to remain up-to-date about all royalty payouts and catalogue news by browsing the news section.

Track earnings effortless and monitor your assets

Clear overviews will help you keep track of all the royalty payouts and transactions that happen on your account.