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Discover the hidden value in your music

Monetizing your back catalogue has never been easier. No need to get your hands dirty or to compromise on who controls your rights, we do the heavy lifting for you.

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Our house rules

All catalogues listed need to meet certain threshold requirements. Our team of market experts will carefully analyse all data during a due diligence process. Together with you we’ll make sure all necessary contracts are in place and a fair valuation is agreed upon.


Track Record

We only list catalogues that have a solid track record of generating royalty flows over the past 3 to 5 years. The generated royalties need to average €10,000 or more in revenue per year.


Full disclosure of any contractual arrangements involving the music catalogue, financial and technical data is required. Knowing all the details is important to establish fair market valuation.

Minority share

Only a minority share in the catalogue (max 50%) can get listed. Keep a controlling stake and ensure business continuity with a proper alignment of interests.


Choose what best fits your needs

Pick between sharing your catalogue’s revenue permanently or for a limited number of years to your fanbase and our community. Include future creations and/or add a buy back clause if you wish. The choice is yours to adapt the deal according to your needs.

Permanent listing

Give access to your music catalogues’ royalty streams in perpetuity (lifetime of artist + 70 years after death) to receive a higher valuation.

Temporary listing

See full ownership return to you at the end of the chosen deal term (e.g. 5, 10 or 12 years), ideal to re-evaluate your catalogues’ status in a few years time.

Include future creations

Your back catalogue provides known data, while additional future creations may result in further success. Choose to include future creations to boost growth opportunities.

Buyback compatibility

Stay ready for future opportunities and see ownership instantly return. Including this option allows you to purchase your rights back with a small premium at any point.

how we help

List your catalogue

From launching live tours or marketing them, to recording an album or signing new artists, the reasons why songwriters, artists, publishers or record labels list can be numerous. We make sure to create a situation you feel comfortable with. In any case, our investors remain passive partners.

How listing works Accordion

Due diligence


A solid and confidential analysis of all contractual details and historical track record of the music catalogue gets conducted by our team of experts.




We support the determination of the catalogue’s valuation and you decide your ideal auction target price. A fair starting valuation is important for both the seller and for the buyers.


Live auction


A dedicated auction is launched, investors and music fans can place bids to acquire shares to your catalogue’s royalty streams.




Once the auction successfully completes and bids have been verified, the raised funds immediately get transferred to you and shares distributed to the investors.


Royalty Payouts


ANote Music takes care of receiving the generated music royalties and distributes them accordingly to the investors.

Our fees - Only upon success

We only apply a small fee if your catalogue completes the auction phase.

Listing fees

ANote Music remunerates itself by retaining a small percentage of the auction final price, to cover for the administration and promotion of the catalogue’s live auction. This fee is agreed upon prior to listing the catalogue online.


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ANote Music debuts catalogue from hit “Stereo Hearts” songwriter Sterling Fox

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Jun 1, 2022

Luxembourg further backs ANote Music as a Young Innovative Enterprise

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Feb 21, 2022

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